Our congregation has been an important part of Mt. Holly’s spiritual life since the Colonial Era. Quakerism was born in the 1600s, when many people joined together to reject the traditional forms of ritual and dogma. They came to the conviction that there was “that of God in everyone”, that the Divine could be met directly and simply within ourselves and one another. They heard clearly in their hearts that the Spirit had not become silent long ago at the end of Biblical times, but was still speaking to people now — in the present time.

ALL ARE WELCOME TO WORSHIP WITH US! We gather in the silence so that we may fully listen within our hearts together to hear that still small voice of the Spirit. The messages the Spirit shares in our hearts are then spoken out loud for everyone to hear. Our Worship ends with the shaking of hands. This symbolizes recognizing that of God within yourself and the God within the others worshipping with you.